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Eli Harold

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Just one mans opinion and using videos that support his argument. He said it was dumb for Harold to try and bull rush because OT's are bigger than him lol what?

Then he goes on to say Harold gets manhandled on a weekly basis by ACC OT's and shows a play where Harold didn't even get pushed back off the LOS. The main reason that play had success is because the DT moved inside at the last minute so the LG just walled him off to the inside.

I thought it was a pretty weak article.

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The one thing I have seen about scouting is that two people can watch the same tape and come to very different conclusions. It's why draft boards vary so much and when folks say "thats a huge reach, could have had him in Round X," it's nothing more than a guess based off of someone else's board.

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Yeah, this is a pretty poor article. It's funny, I included that first Cam Erving play in my review video because it was one of his single worst plays, but trying to make an argument based off of a player's worst plays is really poor...and if a DE shouldn't bull rush when a lineman is bigger than him, virtually no DEs would ever bull rush. DEs tend to be smaller so they can outmaneuver tackles. The standard OT is between 300 and 320 lbs, no DE is that size. It's such a weird argument.

LOL at the next part, did he just call that a "nasty headbutt?" No OL headbutts a DE, his helmet just happened to kind of collide with Harold because he had good leverage where Harold came in at a bad angle. And he conveniently doesn't allow that play to finish, where Harold locates the ball and intercepts it.

Using that next play as an example of Harold getting manhandled is ridiculous. Not only does he set the edge fairly well overall, he prevents a 330 lb man (that's how big he is) from moving him at all at the POA. And that game he just destroyed the Louisville OT, even with strength. Pull up the game, he had several bullrushes where he straight up threw the tackle backward, it was phenomenal. Really shows how much potential he has.

Wait a sec...his next point is that he's SOFT? SOFT? SOFT???

You're talking about the guy who I watched every game of, who regularly picked fights with OTs, including Flowers and Erving? Watch the games, he does it, he's getting up in their face on several plays. This is a guy who, if anything, plays too aggressive, I think he led the conference in Roughing the Passer penalties because he'd constantly try and hit the quarterback just to affect them period.

This guy is a moron. I clicked his name to find articles from last year and his only other article was an attack piece saying Damarious Randall was bad as well. He's been writing for the site for just a couple of days. Like...I don't even know where to start. He didn't target his proneness to overpursue or bite on read option, which are by far his biggest weaknesses. He didn't even criticize a prospect properly. If anything, this makes me feel better, that some of his critics are really this idiotic. Christ.

And the argument about getting "manhandled" by ACC OTs is ridiculous when you consider that he both held his own against Erving and Flowers (1st/2nd round prospects) and was double teamed against virtually every ACC team, period. He's very raw and has technical things to work on, but this article is trash.

EDIT: I just went back to watch that Miami game to prove a point, there's actually a play near the beginning where he sets the edge, the RB runs by, and he turns around, sprints down the field, and strips the ball. Soft my azz. Go f*ck yourself if you're calling this kid soft. Never knew his dad, loses his mother to pancreatic cancer, plays angry as heck and has possibly the second best motor of the top pass rushers behind Shane Ray and you call him soft. Idiot.

EDIT2: It's been a while since I watched this game, there's a play at 2:14 or so in where he shoves Flowers to the ground LOL

EDIT3: Screw it I'm just posting the whole game.

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Here is a good scouting analysis of Eli Harold. Not going to lie, his game is very questionable to me.


Much, much better breakdown of his play. Very similar to mine. I agree with almost everything said there. I just believe it's all very coachable, especially since he was at freaking Virginia and he'll be going somewhere with Dan Quinn, Richard Smith, and Jeff Ulbrich. It's night and day. I feel like his potential is, like he said, elite. But he does look really poor sometimes.

I just have a hard time knocking someone when all of their issues are so coachable. I mean, his spin move is already great and he just doesn't use it enough. I agree regardless, he's a 20-32 pick type of guy. I just like him a lot.

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Falcan I think you might be letting your emotions get the best of you.

Because I think he's a top 20-32 kind of guy, which isn't at all an uncommon opinion? I love him as a player but I'm not being unrealistic either, I've acknowledged all of his weaknesses and think he could bust easily if he doesn't go somewhere with a hands on coach willing to actually teach. Just feel like it's a good fit.

Not like I'm calling Scherff overrated lmao

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