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What's Your Top 3?

End zone Jones

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What's your top 3 R&B groups, and R&B singers? Mine is an old school top 3..

1-Boys II Men


3-Dru Hill

I love most all of the old R&B, but those are my top 3..

Now favorite 3 solo artists are as followed.

1-Keith Sweat



Kinda cheated on the last one, but they are all close...

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New Edition and their solo careers.

Keith Washington.


Listened to those 3 pretty much all through high school.

Rude Boys too.

NWA, Eric B and Rakim, 3rd Bass, EPMD, and GangStarr were most of the Hip Hop I listened too in high school - Slick Rick too...

I could go on and on but those were some of my faves,

Forgot more - Kool G Rap and DJ Polo, Public Enemy, and the D.O.C.

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