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3 Players You See Improving Most Under New Regime

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Goodman - Goodman is very strong and has probably the longest arms in the league. He is moving back to LDE, and had great success in college playing that spot. Notched 9.0 sacks as a senior at Clemson. I could see him sharing time with Clayborn at DE, at around 50/50. Could see him used the same way Michael Bennett was. I'm guessing 5.5 sacks this year out of Goodman.

Southward - Honestly, IDK what position he will line up at. Probably a few different spots in the secondary. His physical tools are ridiculous, and has the speed Quinn covets. Either he will produce well at the NB spot, or play our deep safety and roam around in the secondary.

Hawley - Hawley was a very underrated C in the power blocking scheme Koetter ran. He is actually perfectly suited for the ZBS. I think if he stays healthy, he will have a pro bowl level season.

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K-Train, I agree with Hageman, but I'm not picking him because I think he's set to improve anyway. I think this will be a breakout season for him.

I'd say Schofield, Freeman and Shembo. Schofield could get more snaps than we realize, and I think Quinn sees something in him. Freeman is going to get an increased workload and I think the ZBS will help him immensely. I thought about picking Goodman third for the same reason as Shembo -- both are going to benefit from being moved back to their more natural positions. I think Shembo has an opportunity to make some noise backing up Reed.

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There's a lot of guys I think will do much better under the new schemes; Holmes, Hawley, Ryan, Worr, South, Goodman, Hage, Ish, Tru, Alf, Shembo, T-Jax and Sol too.

If I had to pick three though... Probably South and Holmes, because they have the highest unfulfilled ceilings (As opposed to someone like Ryan who's already been a great player). And Worr, because he's been so grossly misused to this point. Goodman's a really good shout though, he has loads of potential with his measurables.

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Konz-I think he might be able to turn his career around with Shanny and the ZB scheme

Alford-Man 2 Man is his specialty once Quinn teaches him better fundementals and gets his penalties down he could be a pro bowler

Bartu-I think Bartu will slowly become our Wagner. Just an all around solid LB. Wouldn't be surprised to see him leading the league in tackles and possibly getting 5 sacks next season given the playin time

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Guest King Jigsaw

What if.. and this is a scary thought.. but what if the most improved player under Quinn is actually Desmond Trufant? We'll be looking at a top 3 lockdown for years.

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