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Always try to tell people, if you are doing it right, you only have to beat your kids once per infraction.

true. So true. HeIl I just give mine one good pop across the azz when she decides to test my G. Most times I just talk to her and tell her why she shouldn't do it and so forth. But as soon as she decides to go against what I say and try me, she's gotta get it lol. Only takes one time
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The way things have gotten I'd be terrified to spank a kid. They will toss your *** in jail with a quickness

**** that. But that's for another thread. I don't wanna get to far into that in this one lol. Pretty sure it will turn stupid real fast when the right people get involved
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How much will this cost? I got prime, but I'll be damned if I let them deliver paper towels for a dollar or 2 more. The store is only about 5 miles from me. Hop, skip, and a jump.

I am going to sit back for a minute on this one.

yeah I pretty much feel that way as well. HeIl I'm only a mile within big lots, kruger, publix, dollar general and family Dollar myself. 2 miles from wally world
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