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Braves @ Marlins, 4/6 - 4/8

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Braves win by 10, Hawks by 27. What a night for ATL!

Very small sample but still fun to say. Braves lead the majors at hitting with runners on.


Here's the line-up for tonight's AAA Gwinnett opener.

1. Cunningham CF
2. Peraza 2B
3. E. Perez RF
4. Ciriaco 3B
5. Hunter DH
6. Benson LF
7. Reyes SS
8. Kazmar 1B
9. Schlehuber C
Foltynewicz SP

A much more intriguing lineup than in past years. Interesting that Cunningham is leading off rather than Peraza.

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Guest Homer the Brave

The only stat more useless is pitcher wins.

It is not more useless, but it is not a true indicator of a pitchers worth. Shouldn't it just be ERA?

Taking it further, with apologies to Don Sutton, I think Quality Starts is a better measure of a starting pitcher. It shows no favor to a pitcher who is backed by good hitting. The run support a pitcher gets should never figure in to a pitcher's value.

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