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Julio Jones Gets Some Ink

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I guess I'm not the tattoo critic type. I don't understand the technical aspects of how a tattoo is supposed to be done. That said, as someone who thinks all tattoos are complete silliness, that one looks as good as any tattoo can look to me. If some of the critics want to explain why it is bad, I'm all ears. To an average Joe on the street, I'd say it passes the eye test as tattoos go. I'm also assuming it isn't complete yet?

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honestly it looks like garbage for a millionaire...

I mean it's not done so I will make another judgement call after it's finished... but it just looks like crap

for those of u wondering specifcally: the anatomy is bad for one, the landscape in the back looks sloppy executed, the perspective on the gladiator is bad too, look at the pinky: its pointed not like a normal pinky or even one that would be in a glove or gauntlet.

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I don't like it either, the back one I posted, but the execution is what I'm talking about with Julio's tattoo

I feel bad for him I have a tattoo artist friend also but I wont let him tattoo me I am just waiting for him to get better if that ever happens

but a good point from one of the commenters on julio's tat: "It's not an oil painting. More ink won't magically turn it into a good tattoo."

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