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How Much Would You Give Up To Move Up In The 2Nd And For Who?

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The most interesting thing about the new(terrible) draft day format is the 2nd round setting itself up for some trading at the top with GMs talking all night. The draft, as always goes unexpectedly and some top guys are gonna still be on the board. Let's assume these players(one or the other) are still there.

Randy Gregory

Bud Dupree

Todd Gurley

Melvin Gordon

Stephone Anthony

Eric Kendricks

Maxx Williams

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You gotta trade up for one. None of them will make it to you.

Most (Gregory/Dupree/Gurley/Gordon ) aren't gonna make it that far into 2nd anyway, and I don't trade up for any of the other guys who are legit 2nd rounders, we'll get a comproable player and still keep our 3rd round pick

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Well last year the Cowboys gave up the 2nd (47th) and 3rd (78th) to get up to the 34th pick for Demarcus Lawrence. If we traded up 6 spots to the 36th spot with Jacksonville i think our 2nd (42nd) and 4th (107th) could possibly do the trick, but i doubt it. Could either throw in another late rounder or we could just trade our 2nd and 3rd with a team who picks earlier in the 2nd. I would do that for Eli Harold if we took Scherff at 8. Solves two huge needs, but this draft is deep and our roster isn't exactly full of talent so i don't see us doing it.

In the 2nd round the order is:

- Tenn

- Tampa

- Oakland

- Jacksonville

- New York Jets

- Washington

- Chicago

- New York Giants

- St. Louis

- Falcons

I figure Jacksonville is an option because we have a relationship with Dave Caldwell. And Washington is an option because they traded with Dallas last year. Athough, Washington is only 4 picks ahead of us.

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