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Thoughts On Jesse James Te Penn State Round 2

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I highly doubt we pick TE in the first 3 to 4 rounds. We added Moe and Tamme in free agency. I'm guessing around 5th round or 6th we pick up one. Just being realistic, we need to draft pass rusher, corner, RB, OG, and safety. Not necessarily in that order but pretty close.

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Ran 4.86 at combine is 6-7 and 261. Better numbers than Graham or Gronkowski at combine. Would love to see this dude wearing Falcons uniform for years to come.

And J. Russell had much better combine numbers than Ryan.

You know, every random thought I have doesn't deserve a thread, just sayin'.

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I love Jesse James, but he is not a 2nd round pick. He's much more likely to go in the 4th, maybe even the 5th round. Same range as Heuerman and Bell.

All three of them have a lot of potential but didn't light up the world in college, and each has flaws in his game. For James, it's a lack of elite speed and that he isn't very agile and didn't run an extensive route tree for Penn State.

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