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Offensive Draft Vs. Defensive Draft

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I was wondering how a draft would look if we went solely towards one side of the ball.

I am assuming this is how 1-7 went:

1) Bucs - Jameis Winston QB FSU

2) Titans - Marcus Mariota QB Oregon

3) Jags - Vic Beasley LEO Clemson

4) Raiders - Leonard Williams DL USC

5) Redskins - Trae Waynes CB Michigan State

6) Jets - Dante Fowler Jr. OLB Florida

7) Bears - Kevin White WR WVU

So, now here is an example draft for each, offense and defense:

Defensive Draft

1) Shane Ray LEO Missouri - IMO, the 2nd best LEO, after DFJ. Ray rushed standing up, with his hand in the dirt, and even inside at the 3-Tech. He has the most explosive burst in the draft, and his motor never stops. Plays with a swagger to his game, and has violent hands. Match made in heaven with Quinn.

2) Stephone Anthony MLB Clemson - Chases down ball carriers and QB's. A freakish athlete who reminds me of a cross between Bobby Wagner and Daryl Washington. The dude flat out flies to the ball and is very polished in coverage. Always making plays behind the line.

3) Eric Rowe CB Utah - I think Rowe would make for a great press man corner. Rowe is a versatile DB, and could play CB or FS. I believe Trufant and Rowe on the outside would cause fits for opposing WR's. Meanwhile, we could move Alford to his more natural position, nickel back.

4) Durell Eskridge FS Syracuse - Has the prototypical size for a NFL FS. Can play deep safety, or make plays behind the line. Very close to Devonta.

5) Max Valles DE Virginia - My favorite steal in this draft. Valles is very young, and has shown flashes of dominance. He has only been on a college roster for 2 years, but had more sacks that teammate Eli Harold, with 9.0.

6) Frank Clark DE Michigan - Clark has some pretty serious character concerns. He goes from a day 2 talent to late round prospect. He is explosive and has natural strength coming off the edge. Another low risk, high reward draft pick.



Defensive Depth Chart

DE - Clayborn/Valles/Clark

DT - Soliai/Hageman

DT - Babineaux/Jackson

LEO - Ray/Schofield/Biermann

WILL - Durant/Spruill

MIKE - Anthony/Worrilow

SAM - Reed/Shembo

CB - Trufant

NB - Alford/Southward

FS - Eskridge

SS - Moore/Ishmael

CB - Rowe

Offensive Draft

1) Todd Gurley RB Georgia - He is the best RB prospect since AP. Gurley is perfect for the ZBS, and is said to be looking better than imagined. Would open up the offense and give us an answer to the franchise RB question. It would force teams to pick between 8 or 9 in the box, and get burnt by Julio, or leave the box open for Gurley to thrash through.

2) Devin Funchess WR/TE Michigan - An absolute monster at 6'5" 230+. A red zone disaster for opponents and a huge downfield threat. Would use him the same way as the Saints used Graham. Shanahan loves versatile TE's than can line up wide. Creates so many mismatches.

3) Ali Marpet OG Hobart - A perfect LG for the ZBS. A hard nosed player with a lot of natural strength and talent. Would pave the left side for Gurley and protect Matt's backside.

4) Ty Montgomery WR Stanford - Has decent size, with a chiseled frame. Has speed to burn and adds a lot of quickness. Would be more of an offensive weapon than a WE. Can line up all over the field, and excel at whatever he does. Also gives us a legitimate KR threat, while possibly leaving Hester to PR.

5) Shaq Mason OG/C Georgia Tech - Mason would provide depth at both guard positions and at center. A powerful blocker that is great on the run an has a low center of gravity.

6) Jalston Fowler FB Alabama - Shanahan actually likes to use a versatile FB. He worked wonders with Young at FB in Washington. Fowler reminds me of Snelling, that jack of all trades out of the backfield.

7) Stefon Diggs WR Maryland - A real talent with serious character questions. In the right situation, he should be able to produce with the chances given.

7) Devin Gardner WR/QB Michigan - Can come in as 3rd QB and work his way up. Give him options at WR if QB doesn't workout. Best case, we would have a backup QB that can run Shanahans read option offense.

Offensive Depth Chart

QB - Ryan

FB - Fowler

RB - Gurley/Freeman

WR - Jones

WR - White

SLOT - Montgomery

TE - Funchess

LT - Matthews

LG - Marpet

C - Hawley

RG - Asamoah

RT - Schraeder/Baker

So if we had to swing one way, which way would it be?

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You're going to take a running back coming off knee surgery (Gurly) over arguably the best receiver in the draft (Cooper)? Really?

You're going to take a WR at 8, when we're about to sink 15M+ annually into 1 WR and we still have Roddy for 2 more seasons? When a freakish all-pro guard is still on the board

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