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Should The College Shot Clock Be Less?

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35 seconds seems to be a long time. For a great offensive rebounding team, it is a HUGE advantage. Teams playing a high scoring team use nearly every second of the clock in order to slow the game down.

I don't know if college kids can process plays and have the play develop quick enough to go to NBA level of 24 seconds, but I think bringing it down to 30 seconds will make college basketball even more exciting and get these kids more NBA ready.

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I'd love to do something about the last minute and a half of close games. They're the worst things to watch in sports bar none. I guess I should clarify. Not super close games, but like games with an 8+ point disparity.

Foul. Free throws. Timeout. Wild shot. Timeout. Foul. Timeout. Free throws. Timeout. Wild shot. Timeout.

It's not uncommon to see the final minute and a half take 20 minutes to play out. It's absolutely awful....

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