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2015 NFL Mock

I figure Beasley would be gone plus I dont value taking him at 8th pick if draft for a pass rush specialist. You need to get more out of the 8th pick in draft. The Falcons have a abundant of holes and wont all be fixed this off season especially with lack luster free agency moves

(8th) Im moving this pick. I think its what best suits the team to acquire talent and more picks. I would look to Eagles for a prime trade up especially if they are looking for a wr which might be case and hope Cooper and White are on board. I think Chip has shown the same brass as Dimitroff that he would be willing to make such a trade plus they are in dire need of wr. Im figuring 8th pick in draft for (20th pick ) there 2nd round this year and a future 3rd. We can ship them our 5th this year to off set the difference

(20th pick) Landon Collins S - if I take anything away from Pete/ Quinn/ Bradley wanted to build that defense they want to be physical and having a presence like Collins and hopefully a Willy Mo we can duplicate what Seahawks have in secondary and physical secondary paired with Trufant growing as a corner

(42) Stephone Anthony - ILB. I really like what I see from this kid and would be a instant upgrade over Worrilow in pass defense plus brings the same work hard ethic and attitude . The way to fix this defense is get that young presence inside paired with a young thumper at S and a premier Corner and your on your way

(52nd pick) TJ Yeldon- RB . Think this kind would be a outstanding pro factor in a cut block scheme and can catch balls out of backfield. I look at him as a Arian Foster smooth type runner.

(73rd) Lorenzo Mauldin OLB/DE- sticking with the toughness and attitude im in love with what I see from this kid. Will take some time to develop but he has the attitude and rough upbringing to make him self one heck of a pass rusher and player in this league.

(107) Jami Douglas - OT/ G - "Jamil is a 303-pound guy and with his shirt off he looks like he's 265,'' Griswold said. "And he's so big, so long, so lean, but what's impressive is the things he does with those strength numbers. To clean 385 and be that tall, that's hard to do. The only other guy I've ever seen do that and I wasn't his coach, he was at the University of Utah when I was at Utah State was Jordan Gross, and he was a Top 10 draft pick and played (in the NFL) forever. And for Jamil, to bench 430 with those long arms, that's a long way to press a weight."

(185) Deion Barnes DE - project pass rusher with some upside.

(225) Bryce Callahan - DB


Concerns with the draft

1) no pass rusher still but two projects. We all understand this team needs a pass rush but Im not going to reach or draft a need. Im happy with the two projects I drafted plus tightening up the screws around the defense should make this a better group

2) Yeldon/ Freeman- you confident these two can handle the load at rb while being young. Yes im happy with that position

3) didnt get chance to add a young Guard but happy with my selection of Douglas. Kid is a freak and with some grooming could excel at next level plus has size to play Tackle and still have questions about RT he will serve as backup

4) too many holes on this team to rebuild in one season so question marks will arise


What Im happy about this draft

1) Physical

2) Attitude

3) Fit Quinns scheme and hard work ethic

4) Feeling I got some overall " football players"

5) Good value out of all my picks

Just posting, didn't even read it.

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