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We are going to relax our filter some and will make some riskier picks just not at 8. So with Fowler, Beasley, and Gregory off the board we look else where. We feel that we did enough in FA that we can go BPA at 8 with the depth on defense in this draft. Arguably the best player left on the board will be an offensive player. We would like to trade back and get Gregory or Dupree but no one will budge.

1.)Scherff, Brandon OG 6'5" 319 Iowa

Patience pays off and we get a DE at number 2 with some 1st round potential and a guy that would probably go round 1 a lot of years.

2.) Smith, Preston DE 6'5" 271 Mississippi St.

This pick is a no brainer for anyone that has been paying attention. You may not have got many looks at him because Gurley was the offense the last couple of years, but when you did see him it was pretty impressive.

3.) Conley, Chris WR 6'2" 213 Georgia

Could take a RB here but I think the Job is Freeman's to lose. Instead we get a interesting prospect that some people are having a hard time figuring out what to do with him but I think Quinn has some ideas. He has played CB and should do well in single deep coverage.

4.) Randall, Damarious FS 5'11" 196 Arizona State

Letting the draft come to us and being patient is really paying off and we jump at the chance to draft a pretty good ILB that can play well in about any LBer spot.

5.) Ryan, Jake OLB 6'2" 240 Michigan

We get a RB that should be a good fit for the outside zone in the 6th.

6.) Zenner, Zach RB 5'11" 223 South Dakota St.

Still around in the 7th figured he was going in the 6th. Yes please lets have him and hope he is even more motivated with a chance to get playing time on a reforming Oline.

7.) Shepherd, Austin OT 6'4" 315 Alabama

Here is the project a converted QB with one year experience at TE. Seems very coachable and someone will give him a shot late. Has some serious upside for where we draft him so it is worth a shot and see if his game can translate to the NFL.

7.) Bell, Blake TE 6'6" 252 Oklahoma

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