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My One And Only Mock Draft


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Everybody seems to be doing them so figured id give it a shot. I know we have bigger needs than WR but picking at number 8 Id like to go BPA. So here it goes. Be gentle

1. Amari Cooper WR - A solid number 2 that could easily be a number 1 to pair with Julio

2. Danielle Hunter DE - Has the speed and the length to fill the LEO nicely.

3. Arie Kouandjio OG - Can come in and start at LG right away and excel at it.

4. Cameron Artis Payne RB - The Bruiser we need to pair with Freeman.

5. Jalston Fowler FB - best in the draft. The guy is a beast in all aspects of the game

6. Nick Marshall CB - Early on could be a weapon for Shanahan in the offense. Could turn into a starter at some point.

7. Brandon Alexander FS - A big guy with great ball skills to train up at the FS position.

7. Jean Sifrin TE - Very good athlete but very raw. Could end up being good

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Nick Marshall was QB turned CB turned QB, and now no one knows what he is going to do. He done QB drills at the combine. Did he go back and do CB drills also? Guy could have potential, but I see him holding on to that dream of being an NFL QB and not putting forth the effort as a CB to make it far.

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So here's what I gathered from your mock. Either you're an SEC homer or an AL resident. You do realize that 5 of ur 8 picks all have connections to the state of AL, rt?

Your first 6 picks are all SEC players. Thx for going with the player from LSU in the second round, I'm sure that threw you off. I assume the reason you didn't go AU or Bama at 42 was bc you knew neither had a pass rusher worthy off that pick. Otherwise, I'm sure you would've kept the streak alive.

To critique your draft, outside of the obvious, with the exception of Cooper, all of your picks are reaches. There might be some value with Marshall in the 6th rd bc it is the 6th rd & it's worth a shot that late in the draft, but the guy hasn't played the position in 4 yrs. You don't just pick up the pieces and start playing cornerback at a pro level.

Everything else is garbage and its mainly because your top 6 picks all come from 3 schools, majority of which are reaches. Sorry but you lost credibility on that fact alone.

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