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I Would Look Into This Immediately......

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The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero reports the Eagles are "willing to trade" slot CB Brandon Boykin.

Boykin is another Andy Reid carryover, and coach Chip Kelly is intent on building the Eagles his way. The former fourth-round pick is just 24 and has finished second and 19th, respectively, in PFF's cornerback rankings each of the past two seasons. At 5'10/185, he's a slot corner-only, but a good one. Salguero mentions the Dolphins as a team that would have interest in Boykin.
Slot corner issues would be solved immediately with Boykin. It would also alleviate the need to even draft a CB really.
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Height is not an issue with this guy. His last year at UGA, he simply was Da man. He played WR, RB, CB, KR, PR. And he did them well. His safety against Mich St in the bowl game was unbelievable. He has done very well for Philly and he is a player. Plain and simple. U aren't taking anybody near his level with a mid to late round pick, imo.

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I'm not sure why some of you are insistent on thinking that we can just thrown them a 6th or 7th for the guy.

The guy is good. 2nd and 19th in PFF rankings, next to nothing salary and you're only willing to give a 6th or 7th? Dumb

If he's that good, why would Eagles trade him in first place?

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