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April 2015 Uga Recruiting Thread

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EDIT: This post was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE with absolutely zero legitimacy. I'm editing it since it is no longer April 1st. Recruiting seems to really be on a roll for us-- should be an exciting month. Go Dawgs!

(Here is the joke that I had posted)

So the NCAA is looking into a course Trent took last year...

It doesn't look good for him, guys.

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Pretty amazing considering there was mutual disinterest not even 2 months ago (around the time Price put out a top-10 and Georgia wasn't on it). He seems to have really bonded with Sale and Richt. Also amazing that, as good as he is (and he's good) he's not even top 10 in the state of Georgia.

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@DerekTysonESPN: OL EJ Price is another great in-state pickup for Georgia. Nice O-line class the #Dawgs are putting together.

that's coming from a gator.. lol

coach sale is kicking some tail. very excited at the future.

#UGA O-Line coach Rob Sale's commits since arriving in Athens: Pat Allen 6-4 285 Sam Madden 6-7 328 Aaron Dowdell 6-3 314 E.J. Price 6-6 310

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