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The Moment Competition Shows Up... Twc Finds Faster Speeds...


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RALEIGH, N.C. — Time Warner Cable customers are about to get a boost in their Internet speeds. It's part of a system-wide upgrade rolling out this year called TWC Maxx.

“We will be bringing an all-digital lineup, which will improve the video and sound quality,” said TWC public relations manager Scott Pryzwansky.

If your TV plugs directly into a wall, you'll need a digital adapter box. But most customers won't need to do anything. The other big part of the upgrade is an across-the-board boost in Internet speeds for all customers in the Triangle.

“We mean three- to six-times faster Internet speeds, up to 300 megabits per second for some customers as well,” Pryzwansky said.

Time Warner says those new speeds will not increase your bills. Time Warner's upgrade comes as a big, new player prepares to enter the broadband market. Google Fiber announced in January that it's bringing its fiber-optic high-speed service to some Triangle communities.

Raleigh tech blogger and broadband advocate Mark Turner says he's already seeing other companies responding to the new competition.

“North Carolina is no longer going to be a broadband backwater,” he said. “I got a deal last week from one of the legacy providers offering Internet and video that was, like, half the price of what they normally offer.”

He hopes it means better service and lower prices in the future.

“It has definitely shaken up the market. It's good for everybody,” Turner said.

Time Warner says it made upgrade plans well before Google Fiber's announcement. The company says it will roll out its higher Internet speeds through the end of the year.

If you need to order a free digital adapter, you can do it on the phone, online or at a Time Warner office.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/twc-customers-about-to-get-boost-in-internet-speeds/14551444/#2CwKoTVQVfvsqoqg.99


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Att charges 40 dollars more for their gigaPower in areas that do not have Google fiber than areas that do have google fiber. I will say that now that Google fiber is coming to Atlanta and we got gigaPower coming to Atlanta, I think Atlanta is going to have three major ISPs, because Comcast is not going to give up its grips on the city so fast either, which means we could potentially have three ISPs offering fiber-ish speeds( Not sure wht speeds Comcast is going to offer to compete with the other two). It just sucks that we do not have this going across the country and are only happening in a few amount of major cities.

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It's silly. It's ludicrous that we have to be in these situations. But only the people in competition areas get it.

I am guessing Western NY is not in an area with competition. TWC screws us. We pay about $40 a month for Road Runner which maxes out at 15 mbps. We WERE paying an extra $8/month rental fee for their modem so I found a modem at Target yesterday. It was listed at $70, but they do price match and Best Buy had it for $40, so I got it for $40. I hooked it up yesterday and already notice my internet is quite a bit faster. I want to go with Road runner Turbo, but it's like another $15/month and that is just ridiculous. I am not a gamer or anything and I never see any buffering with netflix or spotify and I really think the higher quality modem made it faster anyways...

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