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If Vic Beasley Is Available....


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What could sway you from picking him?

If San Fran called right after the 7th pick is made and offered you their 1st and 2nd would you take it?

Or if Arizona would give you their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd would that do it?

Would Beasley make the Falcons better than having picks at 15, 42 and and 46?

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If Beasley is available at 8, you draft him. With our need at pass rusher, no team should be able to give us a realistic package that would have us pass on him.

Hypothetically though, 2015 1st, 2nd, 2016 1st, 3rd would get me thinking hard.

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A team would have to vastly overpay for me to consider not taking Beasley.

I'd want Arizona's 1st, 2nd, and their 2016 1st round pick.

And that's a massive overpay on the trade value chart... they'd be giving up about 2000 points in value for the No. 8 pick, which is worth 1400 points. But that's the kind of offer that would have to blow me away to get me to consider moving down that far.

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would the falcons have been better off with LT and Breese instead of Vick?

i know this is all a "what if" discussion, seems to me folks are putting a lot of pressure on the man. would the falcons be better off with Beasley or three other top 50 projected players?? only time could tell, but id take my chance with beasley.

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KC offering Houston

Your expecting to get yourself another player to put up great pass rushing #s as well at a much lower cost no... but if they want to give me him plus this years 2nd rounder I may listen then?

They get 2 1st round picks

We get to lock up a proven pass rusher and 2 2nd round picks

almost sounds reasonable

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