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Let's Play Three And Out... Front 7

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I've been thinking about our front 7 options on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down all day while working. Who would you send on the field for three downs (include your choice of first round pick)?

1st Down: Go Big to Stop the Run


2nd Down: Get to Third and Long


3rd Down: Drop the QB


Link to PowerPoint on DropBox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29015067/New%20Defense.pptx

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Maybe I'm looking at something wrong but don't you have the TE lining up on the opposite side of where he would normally line up?It looks like everything is reversed as far as Sam,Will,Leo.....

Edit:Not trying to be a jerk just for clarification because there is most definitely a realistic chance I'm looking at something wrong.

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Either take out a LB or remove the NT and move Brooks/Schofield down as a nickel DE.

Does Clayborn's disability have any impact on him moving inside in nickel situations?

Yep. Gotta get all your best rushers on the field.

That's a good question about Clayborn. I guess that remains to be seen. The one or two clips I have seen of him sliding inside in Tampa were in run packages and they still had him on the right side. So some combination of him, Hageman, Beasley, and Schofield. So no Soliai, no Jackson, and Babs I guess would have to rotate with Hageman and Clayborn in those packages. I still like him as a rusher.

I wouldn't take Durant off the field unless he's hurt, and I keep hearing how capable Reed is in coverage so Wor is the odd man out there.

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im still calling this a 3-4...3 pluggers on the Dline, it doesnt work without Soliai as NT...which is the key in 3-4's, Coaches can call it what they want to be fancy, but you have 3 lineman and 2 ends rushing and setting the edge, and 2 backers cleaning up the trash...thats a 3-4 structure thats been customized. If not someone like Stephen Nicholas would be playing the strongside, and not an DE/OLB like Reed. If Reed played for the panthers he would be playing DE

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