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Should Beasley Pull An Eli Manning?


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I could see if he was lightyears ahead of the other pass rushers, but he's just not.

Gregory, Ray, Dupree, Harold, etc...

We practically have our choice of a pass rusher that will undoubtedly better our team.

In other words, Beasley is not the Andrew Luck of the draft.

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I don't think he should, or will, try that stunt!!! It wouldn't be in his best interest at all.
It's all about the $$$$$ --- and whether he would prefer to be a Falcon, or not, should be irrelevant. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see Beastly in a Falcon uni ---- but I think calmer heads will prevail, come Draft Day, and he'll go with whoever picks him, and just be glad to be in the NFL!!!

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