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Pure Football? Lets Talk About Kids Flag Football

NorCal Falcon Fan

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Sure, I'm aware many of you may want to flag me for this, but this is not about Professional football, this is about football at it most influential base. Kids flag football. More precisely, 8 to 10 year old Flag Football.

Several weeks ago I was recommended to be a Flag football coach in our City League. This came by way of a parent of one of the entrants in the league who knows me. I half heartedly accepted the Coaching job knowing that I would be giving up needed time to do my required home duties such as mowing the lawn and post winter maintenance on the house and yard. I did it any way. To briefly run through the season, I worked out the 7 kids assigned to the team known as the Giants. 3 of whom had 6 previous games of Flag under their belts, and 3 who had never played any kind of football other than 2 hand touch before. Our first game, was a blow out, we were swamped due to last minute rule changes that negated the game plan we practiced for. Regardless, we then proceeded to win our next game with updated plays. On our third game, we lost one kid to injury for the season and another to baseball. Leaving the team with a 4 person team. All other teams had 7 to 8 kids playing 5 man flag football. We lost our third game to a team previousoly unbeaten by only 2 points. We came back the next week and beat the team who we played in the first game of the season, falling behind 20-6 and winning 26-20. this put us in a 2 - 2 win/loss. Today, we played the unbeaten team and the other team we beat in back to back games in the same afternoon. Again, they had 7 players and 8 players to our 4. They had subs, we did not and played both offense and defense with the same players. We walked away with the win against both.

But, that's not nwhy I'm posting. We won using plays frm the Leeman Bennet era in Falcons history. We used both the Bily Whiteshoes Johnson short pass across the middle and the old dotted "i" formation A regular formation by Bartkowski, Cain and Andrews. Due to the fact that we displayed our pwer plays in previous games, I had to scheme thisngs a bit differently today, on the fly. In doing so I reached into my history of Falcons football and brought these plays to the game last minute, and they totally took our opponents off of their game. They helped us win two games today and put us in the playoffs two weeeks from now. I am so proud of these kids for running these plays from huddle that I had to share. Fairfeild, CA Giants are going the distance. Two weeks from today they'll be playing against the teams theyve beaten and lost to. I'll be digging deep into the old school football plays to re-invigorate them to win the top prize. These kids are suoer! Please, wish them success Fellow Falcons Fans!!!

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