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Bigjmw84 Mock Draft 3-29-2015


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I predict we lose a 3rd and Blank gets a fine near 1m+

Trade #8 to Cle for #19, #43 & #147 (1st,2nd,5th).

Adds up perfectly on the trade value chart.

They need WR/NT/QB/OLB and could be in play for either @ #8 (Cooper/Shelton/Mariota/Gregory)

Trade #42 to Dal for #60,#91,& #127(2nd,3rd,4th)

Jerry Jones is in great need of a RB and CB. Whichever position he doesnt grab in the first, he will want to pick up as early as possible in the 2nd

1st:Eli Harold-Only 20 with high upside and would contribute Day 1. Explodes off the snap and has impressive bend. Quinn will have him ready.

2nd:Paul Dawson- Quinn's scheme is predicated on allowing a player to just react without having to do so much diagnosing. Dawsons instincts are off the charts and would be a perfect fit.

2nd:Duke Johnson- People say that we need a bruiser to compliment Freeman, but I think Davonta has the balance and the frame to do dirty work. Johnson could be our Shady mcCoy

3rd:Josh Shaw- Had some off field issues but offers the versatility Quinn desires. Good range and sure tackler

4th:Ty Sombrailo- Athletic T or G. Fits ZBS like a glove. Could be starting LG or RT fairly quick

4th:Xavier Cooper-Raw athlete who Quinn could mold into a 3T/5T

5th:Shaq Mason- Might need work in pass pro, but is a beast when it comes to pulling and getting to 2nd level. Starting potential at LG and C if Hawley doesnt get back into his groove after inj.

5th:Hayes Pullard- Slept on prospect. Not great at one particular thing but is solid at every thing. Can play WLB/MLB.

6th:Nick Marshall- another elite athlete Quinn can mold. I think he will make a natural transition to CB/S

7th:Pharoh Brown- Low risk high reward pick. When healthy he could become the field stretching TE Shanahan covets.

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Love the Josh Shaw and Hayes Pullard picks. Always a fan of trading down, especially if Beasley isn't there at 8.

With Ray underwhelming and Gregory smoking the ooooowee, Beasley Wont be possible unless we trade up which should be out of the question.

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Love it!

I prefer Stephone Anthony over Dawson but I like Dawson.

Not sure about the Nick Marshall pick. I wouldn't mind getting a late round receiver there like Antwan Goodley (maybe I'm being a homer lol). Or if Vjnce Mayle or Darren Waller was still there in the 6th.

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This is really the first draft I all the way

Just wondering how come nobody talks about Markus Golden

Golden actually had more tackles than Ray, and he was also only 3.5 sack shy of Ray's posted number. Id love to have him! Especially if he is avaliable in the 5th like he is projected to go.

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