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None Of Mlb's In This Draft Is Worth Our Worth Our 2Nd Rounder


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In my last 32 team mock I had the falcons taking Paul Dawson out of TCU. But after re-evaluating the position group as a whole I don't think there is LB who's value fits the Falcons draft needs in the second round.

Coming into the off-season I never really thought ILB was a strength in this years draft season.

For our and any 4-3 defense for that matter to be ran at maximum potential you need an inside backer with not only speed and agility to cover tight ends but also the size and instincts to be disruptive in the run game. And for any player consistency has to be glue that brings those skills together.

Unfortunately for us their just isn't that kinda guy that has that pedigree.

Stephone Anthony has the measurables that you would look for in a MLB but lacks severely in the consistency department. On tape he has some of the best first half tapes of all of the prospects but seeems to disapeer after halftime. And for me he looks like a guy that benefited good team defense rather than being the top dog.

Paul Dawson has the aggressiveness and instincts that you want in a LB but I believe that he athleticism and size makes him better for a 3-4 system.

Perryman is almost the same kinda guy as Dawson when it comes to his aggressiveness and prowess as a run defender but lacks in athleticism and the consistency department. He also is a guy that looks to be much suited for 3-4 system.

Kendricks probably the most athletic guy out of the bunch just doesn't have the size in my eyes to be a MLB in 4-3. He is the best all around linebacker and will thrive as a Will LB at the next level.

So for me I'm not much of Worrilow guy but I just don't see any of these guys being a major upgrade over what we already have.

With an immediate need on at the guard position I think the Falcons would much better served in taking one of the top rated guards rather reaching for need only.

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