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Rd 2 Pick 10, Falcons Select...ali Marpet, Og

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I keep looking into this kid and he's not going to make it to round 3. As we know, linemen have been the jewels of the draft for some time now; thus OG and OTs are going to fly off the board in the first two rounds.

I think this kid is worth the risk given his measureables. He's extremely athletic, fast (4.98 40ty), versitile (Both OGs,C,RT) and strong as a bull (30 Reps 225). People complain he's from division 3 but he held his own in the senior bowl. I think he fits what we need to improve our oline and run game.

To sit back and wait until round 3 because the scouts say we should would be the biggest mistake ever.

Would you guys crap your pants if the Falcons took Ali in the 2nd round?


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Brandon Scherff is a top 8 because he's the best OG and OT. However, I'd take a DE/OLB over him if they're on the board unless the Falcons want to trade back into the 1st for a DE.

yeah. but that is more for his ability to play LT than G. guards are not taken top 10 usually.

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