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2015 Afmb Imd: Udfa

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Per R4242, 2 rds, 30 min time limit.Here's the order for BOTH rds.

8-8:30 Buccaneers
8:30-9 Titans
9-9:30 Jaguars
9:30-10 Raiders
10-10:30 Redskins
10:30-11 Jets
11-11:30 Bears
11:30-12 Falcons
12-12:30 Rams
12:30-1 Vikings
1-1:30 Browns
1:30-2 Saints
2-2:30 Dolphins
2:30-3 Texans
3-3:30 Chargers
3:30-4 Chiefs
4-4:30 Bengals
4:30-5 Steelers
5-5:30 Cardinals
5:30-6 Panthers
6-6:30 Ravens
6:30-7 Cowboys
7-7:30 Broncos
7:30-8 Colts
8-8:30 Packers
8:30-9 Seahawks
9-9:30 Patriots

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Guest King Jigsaw

With their first UDFA pick, the Denver Broncos select..

Shane Carden, QB, Eastern Carolina.

With their second and final UDFA pick, the Chicago Bears select..

Jean Sifrin, TE, Massachusetts.

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