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"trades We'd Love To See Happen: Michael And Martellus To Atlanta"

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Article is here

Michael and Martellus Bennett to the Falcons

Yes, this will take two separate trades and a few draft picks from Atlanta, but uniting the Bennett brothers under Dan Quinn would solve two of the Falcons' big needs.

Let's first begin with Michael. Pete Carroll dismissed that Bennett has asked for a trade, but multiple reports indicate that the defensive lineman wants a new deal. Shipping Bennett for a second-day draft pick or two might be too enticing for John Schneider to pass up. Bennett's value will never be higher and a landing spot will never be cushier than Atlanta. Bennett loves Quinn. Quinn desperately needs a pass rusher with the versatility Bennett provides. It's a match that makes almost too much sense.

Now let's ship Martellus to join his brother. The tight end would finally give Ryan a red-zone target he's been missing since Tony Gonzalez retired. Match Martellus with Julio Jones and Roddy White and that is a pretty potent receiving group. The Bears already cast aside one troublemaker for a low-round pick. John Fox and Ryan Pace could decide another dissenter isn't worth their trouble. With the Falcons, Michael would be there to keep an eye on Martellus -- and we'd get another Atlanta reality show. -- Kevin Patra

Wouldn't mind either or both...not for a second rounder though, maybe a 3rd and 5th at tops for both.

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When I saw the article, I was thinking "THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!"

Especially since some people are still saying that Michael Bennett wants a new deal after we all thought those rumors had been squashed.

I also wonder how losing either a 2nd round or 3rd round draft pick will effect the Falcons strategy.

Would they be more open to trading for a player with a 4th rounder or later to add to defense or would they even more covenant the picks they have? Would a trade for Bennett even change who they take at #8? Would they then look at either White or Cooper at WR, or Gordon or Gurley at RB, over even Collins at safety?

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Why martellus? Michael I can see. We got tamme and Moeki, two of the best tight ends we could have gotten.

Not sure if serious... Martellus is one of the better TEs in the league. He just turned 28 and is just now starting to hit his stride. In a hypothetical trade situation like the one presented... You'd need 4 tamme's and 10 moeaki's to equal one Martellus. If ya can get Martellus for a third, then you take that deal 10 times out of 10 times.

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