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Any Board Scouts Have Any Info On This Guy

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I looked at him a while back and while he's good he's not as good as his press IMO. I liked their White guy WR for a minute (tough, catches everything, not fast but somehow always open) but found out he had a bad injury at the end of the season and has had a few stupid run-ins with the law. I wouldn't complain if we got BP but, his price is to high for my blood now.

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Read that his hands are suspect sometimes but besides that he's pretty good.

He was UCF's only legitimate receiving threat. When you're getting volume targets, there are going to be drops. They said the same thing about Amari Cooper.

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I can see the patriots signing JJ Worton undrafted and winding up with another Wes Welker.

Perriman has big hands it seems and catches the deep ball with two hands. He has a bad habit of going dead legged and just falling to the ground on a lot of long balls though. 4.25 is astonishing seeing how he gets caught from behind on tape. He is widely considered more untapped talent than NFL ready and is said to go from bottom of rd 1 to d 4. Safe bet is somewhere in between so rd 2 or 3 IMO. In rd 3 he is a good investment if you are drafting him based on potential. His rookie contract will be up by the time he gets good.

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Breshad Perriman wows scouts with 4.25-second 40-yard dash

6'2" 215 lbs out of Central Florida

I live here in orlando and he is and was Bortals main WR. His hands are great. Plays away sometimes. More of a deep threat with the ability to beat you in a lone race. No a fast guy off the line.

Used as the deep guy. Mostly ready for the NFL now. Needs to work on using his size to over power CBs

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