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Lets Not Forget The Possible Noisegate Penalty?


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We get penalized by losing a pick in this years draft

If we lose a third round pick, as reported in a few articles for being honest and admitting to an infraction for what we didn't think was "wrong" then the Pats should lose a 2nd rounder

It would appear that the lesson learned is if you cheat then be sure to deflect and lie like Brady and Belichick did and blame it on some poor kid working for the team and making $12/hr

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If anything can be learned in sports, NCAA or nfl, it that honesty gets you nowhere.

You can lie and get out of things because of the a absense of 100% proof. Falcons could have had a fall guy just like the pats. But we did the right thing and told the whole truth.

We will get hammered in return. You all will see. I would be **** if I would ever tell on myself in any form of life. That does not get you anywhere. Just like the cops on first 48...."we trying to help you, just tell us the truth so we can".... Yeah ok lol

Winston lies and keeps on playing. If gurley would have not fessed up and acted like that guy was just an angry florida gator ****** he would have won the heisman.

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