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Asking A Question For Yo_Lover, Good New Poster.


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Hey Tuggle I can't make a thread otherwise I'd do it and ask but could you make a thread and ask or find anyone on here who are current and former Marines/Army

I am 17 and need something to pay for college so id like to know about both

thanks in advance!

There you are. If anyone could assist this young man it would be much appreciated.



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Navy is a maybe, Air Force probably not

I want something to pay for college and help me in a career with law enforcement

Hopefully on the government level

I did 4 years in USN, my problem was because of a big enlistment bonus I chose the worst job in the Navy, was a BT and worked in the engine room. Working in 150 degree temps, I'm 6-4, always banging my head on something and squeezed in my tiny bunk LOL ...and everyone pizzed off working there...Could not wait to get out. But I got to see the world man, Philippines, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea...I pounded puzzy all over the world LOL ...Air Force has the best food and living conditions.....Navy chow was great when I was in, got steak and lobster once a month while deployed...

If you want to go into law enforcement Legalman, SP or NIS is the way to go.

I was stupid because I scored top 2 percentile on my ASVAB, but chose such a chitty job....if you go into a field like aviation mechanics, nuclear power or other high tech job you got a real jump start on civilian life.

My cousin got a 4 year college degree and entered USN as a 6yo nuke, got a big enlistment bonus when he finished C school and was deployed to the fleet......what they call a glow worm....became the LPO of his watch section , did six, got a 35k reenlistment bonus for another 6. So he did 12 years total.

When he came out he had about 100k saved and thru his college savings program Uncle Sam pretty much payed his tuition to get his Masters in nuclear engineering at Penn State. He now makes around 160k a year working at a nuclear plant. So you could say he is a guy that made the most of his military opportunity. But consider the fact that for twelve years he spent half his life sitting under the polar ice caps in a tub that was capable of blowing up half of a continent LOL ....

So many ways you can go with it bro, weigh every one of your options carefully before putting pen to paper, best of luck to you.....

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Received my commission long ago via Army ROTC, but with that being said, I do remember (long ago, mind you) that after absolutely destroying the ASVAB in high school, recruiters from the NAVY came to my high school said that the NAVY would pay for college if I went in as a nuke. Didn't have to go that route, and scholarships and Uncle Sam (paid for the last two years) took care of undergrad. My advice to you would be to knock the ASVAB out of the park FIRST!!!

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