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Quick Glance At Falcons' Salary Cap Following Signings


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Quick glance at Falcons' salary cap following signings

March, 19, 2015

MAR 19



By Vaughn McClure | ESPN.com

The Atlanta Falcons haven't made any big moves during free agency and made a couple of minor ones Wednesday with the re-signing of defensive end Kroy Biermann and the addition of offensive lineman Jared Smith. Former Denver Broncos tight end Jacob Tamme could soon join the list after apparently agreeing to a contract.

Though the contract details for Biermann and Smith are not known as this time, running back Antone Smith's one-year deal was made official this week. He'll have a base salary of $1.2 million with a signing bonus of $200,000 for a 2015 cap figure of $1.4 million.

As of today, NFLPA records have the Falcons with $20,147,700 in cap space. Here is a look at the cap numbers for the players either signed or re-signed this offseason (new Falcons in bold):

1. Justin Durant, $3,666,666

2. Brooks Reed, $3,140,000

3. Adrian Clayborn, $3,000,000

4. Matt Bryant, $2,483,333

5. O'Brien Schofield, $1,700,000

6. T.J. Yates, $1,500,000

7. Antone Smith, $1,400,000

8. Charles Godfrey, $1,137,500

9. Eric Weems, $1,132,000

10. Leonard Hankerson, $1,000,000

11. Mike Person, $911,666

12. Cliff Matthews, $745,000

13. Patrick DiMarco, $697,500

14. Allen Bradford, $660,000

15. Phillip Adams, $585,000

16. Mickey Shuler, $585,000

17. Nathan Stupar, $585,000

18. Nick Williams, $510,000

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i hope Kroy is closer to the vet minimum with a ton of incentives.

I don't think it will be extremely incentive-laden because if I was a betting man, I think he takes more of a rotational role and plays way more special teams now that we have Schofield and Clayborn and probably a draft pick playing DE.

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