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Saints Projected Depth Chart Predraft


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For kicks and giggles


LT: Armstead/Becton

LG: Kelemete

C: Unger/Lelito

RG: Evans

RT: Strief/Becton

QB: Brees/McCown

RB: Ingram/Spiller/Robinson

FB: Johnson/Lorig

WR: Colston/Cooks/Toon/Saunders/Jones v Coleman

TE: Watson/Hill


RDE: Galette/Edebali

RDT: Jenkins/Hicks

LDT: Bunkley/Hicks

LDE: Jordan/Foster

OLB: Hawthorne/Haralson/Humber/Powell

ILB: Ellerbe/Knox

CB: Lewis/Browner/SJB/Dixon

SS: Vaccaro/Bush/Ball

FS: Byrd/Sanford/Warren

Special Teams:
P: Morstead

K: Graham

Needs in no particular necessity:

1. Backup Tackle

2. Starting Guard

3. 4th WR

4. 3rd Tight End (This is questionable if they're going away from a pass-centric TE position since Hill/Watson are solid blockers/receivers, just not spectacular)

5. Potential starting DT

6. Speedy Coverage Linebacker (ILB or OLB)

7. #3 CB

8. Kicker

What can be fixed if the first 3 picks go well:

1st round: OG (Scherff/Collins), WR (Parker/Strong/DGB)

2nd round: ILB (Perryman/McKinney/Kendricks)

After that, I think it'll be hit or miss, too difficult to predict.

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I'm getting a little higher on Collins over Scherff. Collins is a mauler with good feet

McKinney is falling off my list. Listen to an interview with him and Wow

Kendricks or Anthony at ILB.

It may be WR at 31. Who's ever left out of the top five.

going offense in the top 3 would be odd considering the defense has more holes than kev's draws

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I don't think they improved CB either.

Anyone > Corey White

Thats an improvement! lol

Now Cb isnt a strength and can be upgraded. Hopefully someone like Kevin Johnson is around for pick 31.

For the Saints to be anything better than average this season, they have to hit on a OLB and a Guard.

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Robinson signed 1yr/3mil with Chargers. I honestly wanted to keep him as nickel. He SHINED after the first two games, dude is inconsistent as **** though.

As for Foster, for some reason my mind blanked. Deaderick is still a FA.

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