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Well, this has been a VERY interesting free agency up until this point hasn't it? One thing's for certain though, the new coaching staff will have to REALLY do some special things to convince some fans here that this season is NOT headed in the wrong direction still.

To bypass obvious top tier talent and re-sign a pariah, as far as many, many Falcon fans are concerned, is bold as he11.

Here's to Dan Quinn!!! May he and the "D" be right and the rest of us wrong!

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calm down....

We resign Kroy who should have been resigned as long as he was very cheap and people are in a panic


"You're sittin there touchin your tits and stating at your *** at the same time!"

"B¡tch! I love you"

"This better be the puffff daddy version! Not that Sting PIECE OF $HIT!!"

Lol classic Tourette's guy

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I actually like what we've done, red eyed guy and all. We've filled holes, low risk high reward contracts for guys who have flashed talent but have been nagged by injury. Only thing I would ask is we sign a vet TE and maybe a guard.

Will you still like it when we are 4-12 and drafting in the top 3?

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®


Double ban and flog with a whip

Say what you want but not even having back to back winning seasons for over 40 years, no super bowl wins in your 50 year history and plenty more embarrassing history puts us right up there as one of the NFL's biggest jokes.

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