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On the bright side I guess it means we can finally cut him now.....

I done told you...

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I did. When healthy, He's everything DQs system calls for... High motor, athletic, instinctive, fast, determined, a solid backup who's signing leaves room to pick up more guys. We need a lot of bodies...

You think Kroy is "fast" and "athletic?"

Aaron Rodgers disagrees. As does Drew Bree's and Can Newton.

If "almost sacks" counted...he'd be H.O.F. material.

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I expected better memes in this thread.

People are still in shock, give it a few days.

I honestly don't think any of us were prepared for this. Most of us rejoiced in the fact that we were finally rid of Kroy Zolciak. But alas, this is the Atlanta Falcons, and the sadness and disappointment never ceases with this franchise.

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Guns are a non issue here. Economy strong. Good devil's lettuce. I don't mind the weather because I ski. Big hockey fan too. We do have football. Taxes do suck, but free health care doesn't.

I came down for a game in 2012, I'll be back soon.

You got us on the guns. But when you get invaded by North Korea you're gonna wish you had a gun. No worries. We gotcha back.

The weather sucks monkey balls and you know it.

Yall aint got real football. Not sure we have real football anymore though.

Free healthcare on a three month wait list sucks and you know it.


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I am shocked Kroy Biermann is back. There is not one second of tape last year that was positive. I don't know if Kroy begged the front office to sign him back since his wife needs a new car and tv show. Let's just hope Kroy doesn't hold a spot for a legit player from making this team

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Guest Homer the Brave

When did this discussion become a comparison of socioeconomic conditions in Canada versus the US?

Sorry, I couldn't let the comment about " taxes sucking but free healthcare doesn't suck" go untouched.

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