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Kroy Re-Signed

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No one knows if Mass could turn into the next Abraham because he was never given a single chance here. It's still baffling to me, not knowing the entire story or not. We don't know the entire situation behind Mass, but put yourself in his shoes. Dude wanted a chance on a non-existent defense with no pass rush, yet, we kept fielding the same crap game after game.

Roddy has a big mouth and brings fire. His stats don't lie, he'll likely retire as a Falcons and will be in the ROH so I don't get that comparison.

And to answer your question, yes, I would have kept Mass around over Kroy, without a shadow of a doubt.

Quinn cut him. Not Smith. Quinn has zero history of not giving a player a chance just because a vet is in front of him.

Seriously. Quinn looked at video and talked to coaches and decided to send his *** packing before even seeing him practice. You dont think that should tell you something?

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This is ridiculous. Kroy Biermann is easily the worst fifth round pick in NFL history. Period.

Now here's my question. Do you know who called the Kroy Biermann pick back in 2008? I mean specifically, who was sitting in the draft room that day and said they wanted Kroy? I've got a new Falcons shirt, originally issued to a member of the coaching staff, for the person who can tell me the name.


We get it, your son worked for the team.

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Whole lot a butt hurt going on in here..... He still has to make the 53, and I'm going to enjoy this as long as it lasts.....:mmmhmm::mmmhmm::mmmhmm:

Personally, I'm just enjoying the Quinn-is-the-chosen-one crowd trying to spin this. We've sat by while every legitimate pass rusher was signed elsewhere, so I'm numb to the Falcons incompetence at this point. Why not add another below average player to the mix.

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You all can thank Raheem Morris for this monumental signing! I knew he'd want to put his stamp on the Falcon defense. He's off to a terrific start!wink.png

wait, so its quinn's idea when you approve of a signing, but morris's idea when a scrub we all dont like is signed.......ok......gotcha.........

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