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What About The Other 7 Teams Ahead Of Us?

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It's time to stop looking from our prospective when it comes to the draft. There are 7 teams ahead of us that have their own needs and players they prefer. So let's look at what they need an who they're rumored to be selecting....

Tampa- this is Jameis alll the way. They might as well start negotiating a contract

Titans-some say Williams. Some say Mariota. So for the most part we can assume one of our top 3 Guys will be avaliable after the 1st 2 picks.

Jags-This is a wildcard. It could be Williams,Cooper,White,or Fowler. Id really like someone to research a little in their fanbase and tell us all who they prefer

Oakland-Cooper or White. It only makes sense.... They gotta get someone for Carr to help him out.

Jets-This could either be Mariota whether it be them selecting him or Philly trading up or a pass rusher. Hopefully it is Philly on the trade up.

Skins-this one is undoubtly Schreff or a pass rusher. From what I've heard they're leaning towards Gregory, but who knows with Beasley an Fowler rising up the charts

Bears-Shelton seems to be their guy. So I'm not worried about CHI selecting one of our guys....

So what do Yall know from talking to other fans or reading articles? Can Yall give us any "insider" info as to who they are lenient towards? (Preferably Jacksonville or NYJ)

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Guest Negatorris

John Clayton swears up and down that if Mariotta falls to 5, Washington is going to draft him.

That would be good for RG3 because then he'd be traded to an actual functional organization. Would suck for Mariota.

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