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Greg Hardy - 1 Yr 6 Million

Big Reg Da Commish

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Without the BS, he would be getting $12-15M per season. $6M isn't bad. Maybe next yr. I would love to have him as a football player. I know he is a strange dude off the field and the DV thing, but all that will be forgotten soon enough.

If Dallas can deal with it, so could anybody else. It will be twice the media circus surrounding him there than it would be here. ESPN will talk about it for days vs a day for a normal team. I knew our front office would never go for it and I can respect that. Unfortunately, teams won't have to respect our Pass Rush again.

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We should've signed him ourselves.

I get that he threw his girlfriend onto a stack of loaded assault rifles. But he is a monster pass rusher who is vastly undervalued right now because of stuff that doesn't relate to football. By the time he has another "episode" and nearly kills someone we could've gotten all kinds of production out of him.

Now, we are stuck relying on the number 8 pick. That will not work out well for us this year. We're going to need Kroy to get some extra-red contact lenses to make him run a little faster and play a little better.

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Cowboys signed DE Greg Hardy, formerly of the Panthers, to a one-year, $11.3 million contract.

The Cowboys finished 28th in the league with their 28 sacks last season, and Hardy recorded 27 sacks from 2012-2013 before sitting out all but one game last season while on the Commissioner's Exempt List. He'll be a "closer" for the Cowboys, who got pressure on quarterbacks last season but couldn't finish the job. Expect Hardy to slide in at right end, with Demarcus Lawrence, Jeremy Mincey, and Tyrone Crawford rotating at the other spot. Hardy is a three-down player, though he may be looking at a short suspension to start the season.

Mar 18 - 3:44 PM

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