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This Has Nothing To Do With Cutting Kroy!

Tony Diesel

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Will someone please explain the swamp rat Aints salary cap situation and how they are getting away with this crap?

The NFL salary cap will be $143.28 million in 2015.

According to overthecap the Aints are less than 1 million under the cap WITHOUT counting the contracts of Dannell Ellerbe or CJ Spiller.


According to spotrac the Aints are 4.3 million OVER cap WITHOUT counting the contract of CJ Spiller.


I thought the NFL rejected contracts if the team was in cap violation?

SERIOUSLY, what gives?!?!?!


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IDK, it seems to me they get a pass year in and out with signing's and contracts. Say what you will about the number's, but it always seems like a head scratcher. Tainted azz mudda......

No there's no pass. People just don't seem to notice when they cut a ton of scrubs every year and ask players to take pay cut and restructures. Theyll get a little cap room then bring in free agents on back loaded contracts.

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A few people (professionals) pointed out they couldn't have done these moves without having something else in the works. It's probable that they're restructuring Ellerbe and have a few other pay cuts or contract restructures in the works that just haven't been made public yet.

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