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Not Feeling Worrilow At Mlb

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If he is the starter then I hope we draft Anthony in the 2nd. Don't mind him as a backup tho. I thought Reed was starting in the middle but looks like we have a lot of OLBers. I think Anthony would be an upgrade to Worrilow which is why I want us to get a TE in FA in order to be able to get Anthony in rd 2. If we have to draft a TE it would probably be Williams in rd 2.

So the question is would you rather take a TE in the 2nd or Anthony to upgrade the MLB spot. I would rather upgrade the D.

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I'm a big worrilow fan but I'm trying to be careful and not overly sharing my opinion on the fact that itd be insane to sit him now...because it could happen and I'd look pretty silly in the end

I'd suggest to those who are fighting this anti worrilow crusade to ease off and just let it play out because there's a pretty good chance he will flourish playing with capable veterans vs other UDFA rookies

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