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Prospective Falcons Original Plan


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From What I've Gathered, This Was Our Original Plan:

HB: Forsett, Antone Smith

WR: Hankerson

TE: Kendricks and/or Housler

OG: Mike Person and/or Shelly Smith

DT: Cory Peters (Cut Babs or TJax?)

DE: Derrick Morgan, Adrian Clayborn, O'Brien Schofield

LB: Brooks Reed, Justin Durant and/or Sean Weatherspoon

CB: Phillip Adams

S: Ron Parker

Still possible: Parker, Housler.

Graham re-upped to Eagles

Morgan, Parker want $.

Weatherspoon and Peters likely wanted to leave.

Original Draft Positions targeted early with those signings in mind: RB, G, OLB/DE, TE, WR

How do you feel about the plan?

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Not sure of the players but the needed positions were largely addressed on Defense. I know big name FA signing is popular and would be nice but we were able to fill more holes with mid-tier signings. I think on Defense 1 bigger press cover CB would be nice and I think the top tier talent pass rusher will be addressed with #8 pick. Defense looks better.

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On offense, not many key FA signings and a few holes still exist imho. I think TE needs to be addressed in FA as weaker draft class. I think we could use a bigger RB for rotational purposes is need and could be addressed in the draft. Not sure what is needed for OL ZBS...do we all ready have on Team???...but looks like a LG cold be needed. Personally I would like to get a WR in deep draft.

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