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Keenan Lewis Bout To Be Gone Too

Born A-Ginn

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he77 yea i am serious

dont matter what biz you are in...

no1 wants to do biz with someone who refuses to Honor a Contract....

Funny, teams cut players all the time and they don't honor the contract. Anyway have your fun, I know you're enjoying it.

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Is it weird that I'm enjoying this offseason?

Nope, I'm loving it because we don't know how it can play out. This is probably the most aggressive approach we've seen in recent years (both us and Philly).

Both solidified their RBs:

Murray + Mathews for 11.67mil/yr

CJ Spiller + Mark Ingram for 8.5mil/yr

Both picked up ILBs (although theirs is better):



Both went after ex-seattle corners:



Both traded potential franchise players for picks and player:

Foles-> 2nd + Bradford

Graham + 4th -> 1st + Unger

Both let go of a solid WR and are now down to two:

Maclin -> Cooper/Matthews

Stills -> Cooks/Colston

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