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Questions For The Pros: Current Defensive Front Seven


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Based on the FA moves so far, I have a few questions.

1) Over 16 games, will the current roster produce 8 more sacks than last seasons crew? (Feel free to consider injuries if that impacts your answer)

2) Has our ability to cover TEs and RBs improved (in consideration of typical front 7 assignments in Quinn's defense).

3) Do you feel any better about stopping a power run on 3rd and 1?

4) Finally, based on Quinn's ideals, will the front seven play taller and faster

My Answers?

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) No

4) No idea

My overall feeling is we are improved, but only incrementally. I see us at being near the top of the bottom third of the league in defense if we had to kick it off tomorrow (rank 22-24ish). Part of that modest improvement will be the philosophy change. Part is the player changes. It will be interesting to see if Quinn is flexible concerning scheme, or if he is committed to playing cover 3. I know he prefers to play one scheme almost all the time so the players can play fast (not over think). I don't know if he will change that one scheme based on available players and their abilities.

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