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I like what's going on this off season, Quinn is giving a lot of guys shots who got something to prove Durant, Lankerson, Person, Clayborn, which does not break the bank, and falcon's will get those players' all out performances. I think we still add Housler and maybe couple others. sure they all could go down to injury, but if they don't Falcons just might have a decent Defense. The Offense can get 7 wins by itself, it proved that last year, Now if the D can get us 3 more...10-6 can probably win the south or at least get us a wildcard...baby steps...I'm not expecting a SB run this year, just a DIV win !! BTW we still also have the draft to add some quality players I hope pass rush and OL

Hardy just seems like a butthead, not to mention he'll probably get suspended, Orakpo, 10 mill, Morgan 7.5 mill a year Pfft Suh 119mill that's QB money!! Watch as Suh gets injured / and or Lazy. Build thru the draft spend money in FA wisely... This reminds me of money ball except on the gridiron!! Might be fun to watch or really painful. Either way we are not screwed like the saints. lol

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Even with Smith being a dumbass the last two years were toast due to injuries plain and simple. Injuries caused this, we've had 10+ players on IR each of the last two years and it got so bad last year we had to play a TE at RT for half a game. Without injuries we probably end up with 9-10 wins each of the last two years.

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Without Injuries?

What is alarming is that AJ Neibel is still the S&C Coach.

Once upon a time we were a "see you in the 4th quarter" team under Fish.

Under Neibel we are a 1st quarter, then clock out and go home team.

I blame coaching for this. Passive coaching leads to passive play.
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I don't think that title reads the way you intended it to.smile.png

I agree with you though.I can see us making the playoffs next year if we handle the draft correctly and the players buy into the system

i was going to say..ive been thinking that the whole time

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