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Morgan Signs With Titans

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Nashville is an extremely nice city. It's more living arrangements than football related.

Agreed. Very nice city, very chill vibe which just may play more into his personality, and there's one more thing folks may be missing...


Why would he want to come to Atlanta?

I would think because Atlanta has a quarterback and Tennessee doesn't... but no state income tax is tough to beat.

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And that's why your not working for any NFL organization in the world. Maybe you could work for the Titans, I hear they have been doing GREAT these past couple of years.

Derrick Morgan has 64 sacks/QB hits in the last 3 seasons, the 10th-most of any edge defender in the NFL.

i guess its better pay 4,5 to injury prone Clayborn or 3 to a mid tier guy

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I wanted Morgan as a second option if Orakpo was too expensive but I wouldn't have been too happy with us giving either one of those guys that much $. Now, assuming Orakpo stays healthy it might work out and Morgan might have a career year but 7+ million a year for a guy who has a career high of 6.5 sacks and 8 million a year for a guy that has major injury concerns?

We'll see how it plays out but right now I gotta think the Falcons did the right thing going with Clayborn, Schofield, and (at least I gotta think) going after Fowler, Beasley, Ray or Dupree in the draft.

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I think Morgan's contract was 6.5/yr plus escalators.

So it really comes down to if you'd rather pay an extra 2-3M/yr for Morgan over Clayborn or Schofield. I think it's worth it even though Morgan's no star (stars cost 11M+).

I think it's ok to slightly overpay at a great position of need. Otherwise, you overpay in the draft. At least in FA, it's more of a sure thing.

However, if they pick up an OG, RB, TE, and S in the remaining FA, and get

Pass rusher




in the early draft, we could be a better team quickly.

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