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Derrick Morgan's Agent Confirms Out Of Falcons Plan


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Vaughan should have said Orakpo has gone to Tennessee.

I wonder if there is something wrong with Morgan? Titans moved on. Atlanta and Tampa let him leave. Maybe he just wants to get offers and see who will one up the previous offer. Im not surprised a team like Tennessee said we dont have time for this.

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Morgan was never leavng the Titans. He was just touring other teams drivng up his price.

Truthfully, I would rather draft an impact rusher and pay that guy in five years instead of having to chase free agents every year.

I want this team to finally start drafting well, developing players and keeping our own talent. Thats what good teams do.

Im not the least bit dissapointed.

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Hope some of these guys we've gotten work out. So far got to say somewhat disappointed in our FA signings.

Yeah put these guys on any other team & are all just depth guys.

We've gone through FA on the cheap.

Who or what are we saving the cap space for?

Looks like we are happy to sign & play backups as starters on the Def again this yr.


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Look at the way it was worded. Really sounds like Atlanta shook the dust off after he left. That would be disappointing.

The next time that same agent brings a player for a visit with the Falcons, he will tell his guy that if he wants to be in Atlanta he needs to sign the offer and not leave town because the Falcons won't wait around and allow their offer to be used as leverage with some other team. So if they did rescind the offer when he left town, it could be a smart move in the long run.

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Disappointed. Like schofield and clayborn, but those are rotational guys at best.

Thats putting a lot of pressure on our rook to be john Abraham or Patrick kerney from day one.

Who was Seattle's John Abraham?

(trick question- there is no John Abraham in Seattle and there won't be one here)

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