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Falcons Should Sign Duane Bowe


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Is David Bowe really better than Leo Hanksman though?

Bowe 2007-2014 Age 30.

Games- 118

Rec.- 532

Yards- 7155

Avg.- 13.4 a catch

TD- 44

Fumbles- 6

Hankerson- 2011-2014 Age 26

Games- 31

Rec.- 81

Yards- 1081

Average- 13.3

TD- 6

Fumbles- 0

Obviously Bowe has more years but I'm happy with our signing of Hankerson, young and has potential to be our number two guy and is a good red zone target. Bowe is going to turn 31 in September and I rather draft a WR.

If we draft a WR we are set this season for WR.

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who and i would rather send a 5th or 6th round pick to the vikings for Cordarrelle Patterson

Yup. At least their is upside with Patterson. DRainbow has been nothing but underwhelming. Yeah the offense he is in did him no favors. But that guy could be out of football in a year or two.

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