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Would You Like The Falcons To Sign Greg Hardy


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  1. 1. Would you be OK with the Falcons signing Greg Hardy?

    • Yes
    • No

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I mean, I'm not hanging out with the guy, he didn't kill anyone and he went through the justice system. A lot of you don't believe in second chances, but I just want my team to win a superbowl. If he

haven t there been enough hardy threads?

For the 25% of the posters that voted no, yall better be glad I aint your GM because he would probably be a Falcon. It appears he's cleared the judicial system which should clear him from league suspe

I'd bet that Hardy gets more sacks this season even with his suspension than any Falcon. Any takers? Loser has to punch his wife.

We gave it all we could on here as a voice of our choice but to no avail. Hoping and trying to believe in the plan. You go Quinn with whatever you want. I'm gonna be a fan. Have been, still will be.

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