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Weems, Yates, Godfrey Details


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We should find out more in the next few days about the five-year contract signed by new Atlanta Falcons outside linebacker Brooks Reed, a contract reportedly worth $22 million.

We do have the contract details for three players the Falcons signed to extensions before the start of free agency: wide receiver/special-teamer Eric Weems, safety Charles Godfrey and quarterback T.J. Yates.

Here are the breakdowns:

ERIC WEEMS (2-year deal)

Base salaries: $870,000 (2015); $885,000 (2016)

Signing bonus: $425,000

Cap numbers: $1,132,500 (2015); $1,147,500 (2016)

Roster bonus: $3,125 per game active, max value $50,0000 (2015, 2016)

T.J. YATES (1-year deal)

Base salary: $1,125,000

Signing bonus: $375,000

Cap number: $1,500,000

Roster bonus: none

CHARLES GODFREY (1-year-deal)

Base salary: $800,000

Signing bonus: $50,000

Cap number: $1,137,500

Roster bonus: $350,000 max (roster bonus of $100,000 if on 53-man roster first game. Additional roster bonus of $15,625 per game active, max value $250,000. Counting $187,500 against cap based on 2014)

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