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Falcons Still Interested In Forsett

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Guest Mr Plow

Great. Let's spend 79 freaking cents on FA pass rushers, and millions of dollars on a 29 year old FA running back. Just freaking great.

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If you guys realize how dangerous Forsett actually is, than you wouldn't mind. Didn't he Beat the living **** out of the Falcons last year? Didn't he have a career day vs the Patriots in the playoffs?

The Baltimore offensive line is the biggest reason he was successful. Ray Rice routinely ran for 1000 plus in that system. Forsett is just another Freeman.

Instead of bringing in a 29 year old running back we should solidify the offensive line so we can run instead of pass on 4th and inches.

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forsett is a lot better than u guys are giving him credit for. but at the same time we all want to see what freeman can do as the starter

Very good player who got an opportunity to show what he can do. The problem is he is 29 years old and has only rushed for 1000 one time. We just got rid of Stephen Jackson why sign another older back when several will be available after June 1st.

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