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Veteran Combine Player List


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Will be interesting if we sign any of these guys. Any names stand out?


Armstrong, Matt C Grand Valley State
Carter,Sherman C Tennessee State
Foster, Jason C Rhode Island
Golic, Mike C Notre Dame
Pocic, Graham C Southern Methodist
Carter,Sherman C Illinois
Van Roten, Greg C Pennsylvania
Berry, Aaron CB Pittsburgh
Burton, Brandon CB Utah
Carr, Deveron CB Arizona State
Edwards, Kip CB Missouri
Lee, Saeed CB Alabama State
Love, Jordan CB Towson
Lyn, Keon CB Syracuse
Patrick, Johnny CB Louisville
Posey, Julian CB Ohio
Reid, Greg CB Valdosta State
Sullen, Jordan CB Tulane
White, Ryan CB Auburn
Anderson, Jamaal DE Arkansas
Brown, Sammy DE Houston
Carriker, Adam DE Nebraska
Cox, Rakim DE Villanova
Paulhill, Shahid DE Temple
Roh, Craig DE Michigan
Sam, Michael DE Missouri
Black, Larry DT Indiana
Collins, Nate DT Virginia
Forston, Marcus DT Miami
Harris, DaJohn DT Southern California
Jerideau, Byron DT South Carolina
Minter, Zach DT Montana State
Thompson, Everrette DT Washington
Troup, Torell DT Central Florida
Moore, Dan FB Montana
Pryor, Lonnie FB Florida State
Unga, Harvey FB Brigham Young
Dominguez, Ray G Arkansas
Goodin, Stephen G Nebraska-Kearney
Huey, Michael G Texas
Morris, Darius G Temple
Wells, Justin G St. Augustine's
White, Ian G Boston College
Baker, Chris LB East Carolina
Copeland, Brandon LB Pennslvania
Devitto, Steele LB Boston College
Doughty, Jake LB Utah State
Dowtin, Marcus LB North Alabama
Drakeford, Darin LB Maryland
Fox, Dan LB Notre Dame
Glaud, Ka'Lial LB Rutgers
Keiser, Thomas LB Stanford
Kimbrough, Jeremy LB Appalachian State
Lutrus, Scott LB Connecticut
Rolle, Brian LB Ohio State
So'oto, Vic LB Brigham Young
Steward, Phillip LB Houston
Miller, Jordan NT Southern U.
Johnson, Jerrod QB Texas A&M
Kafka, Mike QB Northwestern
Kay, Brendon QB Cincinnati
Price, Keith QB Washington
Robinson, Zac QB Oklahoma State
Thomas, Darron QB Oregon
Wilson, Tyler QB Arkansas
Bush, Michael RB Louisville
Hampton, Jewel RB Southern Illinois
Hines, Quentin RB Akron
Jones, Felix RB Arkansas
LeShoure, Mikel RB Illinois
Scott, Da'Rel RB Maryland
Wood, Cierre RB Notre Dame
Mcmillian, Jerron S Maine
Mitchell, Charles S Mississippi State
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi S Indiana, Pa.
Sebetic, Kyle S Dayton
Silva, Mana S Hawaii
Starling, Jawanza S Southern California
Young, Joe S Rutgers
Aladenoye, Josh T Illinois State
Breckner, Jack T Gustavus Adolphus
Foketi, Manase T West Texas A&M
Harris, Randall T Towson
Childers, Jamie TE Coastal Carolina
Momah, Ifeanyi TE Boston College
Ogbuehi, Emmanuel TE Georgia State
Veldman, Matt TE North Dakota State
Walker, Dallas TE Western Michigan
Waters, Eric TE Missouri
Adams, Joe WR Arkansas
Anderson, Joe WR Texas Southern
Gadsden, Ben WR Miami
Jean, Lestar WR Florida Atlantic
Johnson, Darius WR Southern Methodist
Kurihara, Tukashi WR No College
Mayo, Thomas WR California, Pa.
Mitchell, Carlton WR South Florida
Slaughter, Nathan WR West Texas A&M
Steelman, Trent WR Army
Williams, LaQuan WR Maryland
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I haven't seen much in veteran combine results. I only saw that all the RB's were slow, Sam was slow, and Carriker tore it up on bench press. I saw no other results. Anybody? Without knowing results, here are the guys I'd talk to:

We need more depth at DB. I'd talk to these 2 provided they looked decent at the combine
Reid, Greg CB Valdosta State. He was a Parade All American in HS, Georgia Player of the year, Georgia AAAAA player of the decade, #1 prospect in GA coming out of HS. Kicked out of FSU for smoking weed, then went to Valdosta State where he promptly tore an ACL and missed the season. Declared for the draft anyway. Signed by the Rams as UFA in 2014 but was a camp cut.
Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi S Indiana, Pa. 6 footer with long arms and great athlete. Outstanding player in D2, but can he make transition to NFL talent? Cowboys drafted him in the 4th round (2010) based on potential. He's been rostered with 5 different NFL teams who liked the potential but not enough to get regular play (15 nfl games played). 5 years of practice squad experience against NFL talent may have helped refine him.

Lots of DE types on the roster already, plus our #1 pick is likely to be an edge rusher. Still, I wouldn't mind talking to a depth pick/special teamer.
Cox, Rakim DE Villanova. Is that kind of guy. Signed as UFA by MIN in 2014, also rostered by MIA last year.Durable DE and special teams standout in college.

We will have at least 1 more RB on the roster. I imagine that RB might be a bruiser/short yardage guy given who we already have on the roster.
Bush, Michael RB Louisville. He's 6'1", 245 lbs, and would be a decent short yardage back. Yeah, he was slow at the combine but that's not as important for a short yardage guy.

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