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Sheard Gone Now

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Nothing to say...

I don't usually post much, but i'll say this, to anyone who thinks that "we should have signed this or that guy for that money," the players actually make the choice on where to play once they hit UFA status. In the case of Sheard, I would imagine playing for Bill B. and the defending superbowl champions has just as much to do with why he signed with NE as the money offered.

TL:DR The player makes the choice where they sign, and we don't know what was offered by our team to said player.

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Guest Gritz

Looks like the Falcons will once again be asking their cousin to go to the prom with them.

None of the pretty girls are interested.

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It looks like they are planning to tank to me. The pickings are slim and we still haven't done a **** thing to improve our pass rush.

You know, everyone's darling the Seahags had a bunch of unknown players before they were transformed into a superbowl caliber team, and i'm sure there were plenty of fans of that team saying similar things like this. I know that patients is not something that we have in great supply around here, but maybe you should practice using some patients.

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