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Why Hasn't This Dude Been Re-Signed?

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He came in last year and became an immediate upgrade to Thomas Decouldn't. He provided stability and solid play, and seemed to do a great job covering TE's for the most part. He isn't a world beater, but he still has a few years in the tank at 29 years old, and provides leadership in the locker room.

My main question as to why he hasn't been retained is this... Who are we replacing him with? Is Southward ready? Are we signing someone else? What happens if we don't get a decent FA and then can't get someone solid in the draft? I just don't understand why not sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal for vet minimum or somewhere in that neighborhood. At the very least, he is solid depth.

Am I worried over nothing?


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Southward is moving to CB according to whispers on the internet.

Yes and I am fully supportive of it which is why I am feeling the need to re-sign Lowery. We don't have a proven starter at FS. Godfrey has been good in the past but we haven't ever seen anything out of him in a Falcons uniform.

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